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Looking for a company that specializes in concepting and product development? Look no further than our real Dutch company! You may not have heard of us, but chances are you've heard of the brands we've collaborated with or the brands we've built for our partners.Just like in the old days, we as Dutchies have a knack for connecting ideas, companies, and products in innovative ways. With our team of experienced brand and marketing professionals, we know exactly what brands need to develop a unique market proposition, and we have the capacity to bring that concept to life.We could go on and on about our expertise, but we prefer to let our work speak for itself. Take a look at some of our past projects below and let's connect to discuss how we can help your brand with concepting and product development.

BRands we worked with

Collaborated on a world wide training program

brands we worked with

Build affiliate network collaboration (2400 websites)

BRands we worked with

We (venture) build an IOS program school on High Tech Campus

brands we worked with

Theo Fabergé Creations and Champagne Château de Bligny created a historical partnership to present a unique collector’s work of art :the Champagne Egg Creation

Just a small grasp of all the ventures we (co)build so far

Art by pixel (art selling platform)
Selfiejudge (automated selfie corrections)
Droneviewing (synchronised drone pictures)
Teslahopper (lease sharing platform)
mespoiled (gift certificates)
Emptylegjets (private jet cheap seats)
Artstocks (art divided into tokens)
Capital connection (startup investment connecting page)
Deletedchat (24hrs chat deletion)
Freebillboard space (discount billboards)
40me (social network 40 year olds)
High tech glampin (explain itself)
Mysportscar (renting company)
aircasinos (inflight casino)
chargetree (solar trees)
1dayrenovate (platfrom realty owners

Luxbunk ( preping company)
Holdtheline (first in row tickets)
Nodroneabovemyhome (limiting jammer)
Giftcardexchange (tradein for cash)
Speezes (small offices big buildings)
Qastlelords (Qastle tokenisation)
Scoutmy (Soccer scouting site)
BitcoinB (trading site)
Wifilight (streetlights with wifi)
Bizztrust (company references)
Veered (Real Estate developer)
Cheapestcar (discount market)
Africanlandregistry (says it all)
cococandy (kids candy brand)
flyforfree (miles swapping)
bfclub (social network)
Autowerk (recruitment
Whopaysme (exchange)
Weilandkunst (art company)

we love to collaborate with you

Our desks are placed in the Netherlands, but we travel and collaborate worldwide.Your can find most of us:
RISE8 (ad) Venture Builders
De Run 8245, 5503 EM Veldhoven
The Netherlands
Easiest to reach is us the overall email adress: cve (AT) rise8.nl
of fill in this beautifull form below and we we get on a plane to reach you.

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